Why I Do NOT Diet

February 17, 2013

I started in this H-E-B Slim Down Showdown contest because I want to improve my health. I want to live a long time and enjoy my Grandsons. I want to get off of as much of my medications as I possibly could. I want to lose weight!

I mentioned in an earlier blog about having been on a variety of 'diets' with no real success. Then something occurred to me... The first three letters of 'diet' spell die! I want to LIVE! Instead of a diet I need a "LIVET"!

Within this program and with the guidance of the wonderful folks at H-E-B I have been able to get myself going on a new plan for life... a "LIVET".

It's been a little more than a month and I have dropped 20+ pounds. More importantly I have lost 6 inches off of my belly (also a chin or two). Even more importantly my glucometer readings have shown my blood sugar drop from 260 to the low 80's!!! Even more importantly, I FEEL GREAT!

Please keep following my "Get Healthy Journey". On my other blog I have been posting more tips that have contributed to my success thus far. I also have been posting some delicious healthy recipes. I promise to continue posting more of both.

By all means get on over to www.heb.com/slimdown find my picture (mine is of the handsome man with the name 'Randall' beneath it), and click on my face. Read my blogs, click "like" and leave a comment. I need these likes and comments in order to win this contest. If you really like my blog entry a lot click on 'share' and post it on your favorite social network site. I can only get points if folks will do these 3 things, and that is half of the contest. I PROMISE to keep eating right and working out - this is the other half of the contest. Thank YOU for your time. www.heb.com/slimdown Randall