Will Power? No Way!

February 10, 2013

Image Hello. My name is Randall Goode. I am 53 years old. I am from Port O'Connor, Texas. I weigh too much.

Having been a heavy person for much of my life I can't tell you how many well meaning people have told me that when it comes to losing weight or getting healthy: "You need more will power boy!"

I have learned differently.

I will tell you that I have been on countless 'diets' and 'diet plans'. Let me see... "The Tuna and Beet Diet", "The 3-Day Diet", "The Eat No Bread Diet" all come to mind. I have also tried many of the various diet pills and appetite suppressants. Most of these didn't do much for me in the way of weight loss. Some seemed to help me lose a little weight, but only temporarily. Last year my good friend Reuben Ybarra of Victoria entered a contest sponsored by H-E-B. The Slim Down Showdown 2012. I followed Reuben's progress and successes very closely. I became quite inspired!

When the applications popped up for the "Slim Down Showdown 2013" I decided to apply. I have to say that that even with Reuben's success it was a big decision for me to put myself 'out there' for public scrutiny. It was huge for me to admit that I needed some help with this.

A couple of months went by... a face to face interview took place... I got a phone call... out of over 500 applicants Statewide I was one of the 25 that were selected to participate.

In January we 25 reported to a 6 day 'Fit Camp' in San Antonio. This is where I began to learn NOT to rely on my almost non existent will power. I have learned how to use "SKILL POWER"!

The H-E-B dieticians, nutritionists, and health coaches taught us how to really read the back of the packages on food items that we buy and eat.

I can now go to my H-E-B and shop with confidence that I know how to make healthy choices!
I will be posting more on my success and possibly any trip ups that I may experience in the coming weeks.

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Thank You! Go, Team Gator!