Election Day is Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 28, 2014

The Primary Election for both the Republican and Democratic Parties will be held as a joint election in Victoria County on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Thirty-six Vote Centers will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. Registered voters of Victoria County will be able to cast their vote at any of the Vote Centers on Election Day.

1 Hopkins Academy, Hopkins Road

2 Victoria County Courthouse, 115 N. Bridge

3 Trinity Episcopal Church, 1501 N. Glass

4 Patti Welder Magnet School, 1603 E. North

5 Crain Middle School, 2706 N. Azalea

6 Family Worship Center, 501 Sam Houston Drive

7 O’Connor Magnet School, 3402 Bobolink

8 Shields Magnet School, 3400 N. Bluebonnet

9 National Guard Armory, 106 E. Mockingbird

10 Fine Arts Center Annex, 1002 Sam Houston Drive

11 Precinct 4 Portable Building, 14721 J-2 Ranch Road

12 Placedo Volunteer Fire Department, 284 S. Williams, Placedo

13 Bloomington Fire Station, 551 Second Street West, Bloomington

14 Guadalupe Elementary School, 1952 Guadalupe Road

15 McFaddin School Building, 1993 A FM 445, McFaddin

16 Kemper City Community Center, 405 Kemper City Road South

17 Howell Middle School, 2502 Fannin Drive

18 Aloe Elementary School, 62 Chaparral Drive (Hwy 59S)

19 Smith Elementary School, 2901 Erwin

20 Creager Residence, 6645 FM 1685

21 Vickers Elementary School, 708 Glascow

22 Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Dept., 34 Reinecke Road

23 Precinct No. 2 Service Center, 13323 Nursery Drive, Nursery

24 Heritage Funeral Chapel, 8819 US Hwy 87 North

25 Rowland Elementary School, 2607 Leary Lane

26 Telferner Methodist Church Meeting Hall, 81 Old Highway Road, Telferner

27 Inez Volunteer Fire Department, 297 Railroad St, Inez

28 William Wood Elementary, 183 WoodHi School Road

29 DeLeon Elementary School, 1002 Santa Barbara

30 Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 4102 N. Ben Jordan

31 Tanglewood Club House, 401 Rosewood

32 V.I.S.D. Administration Building, 102 Profit Drive

33 Holy Family Catholic Church, 704 Mallette Drive

34 Dudley Magnet School, 3307 Callis Street

35 F.W. Gross Montessori School, 1208 S. Navarro

    Pattie Dodson Public Health Center, 2805 N. Navarro, Classroom A

Primary elections in Texas allow the political party to select their nominee for the general election. You may select only one political party during a primary election. If there is a runoff you may vote in the same party for the runoff.

The candidates who filled with the parties are seeking their party's nomination as the party candidate for a particular office. In much the same way the party leaders have placed on the ballot propositions or referendums unique to the party. Some people have questioned why these questions are not on both ballots. The questions are non-binding and will have no change on current law. They are used by party leaders to gauge the level of support party members have on issues important to the party.

You may find a sample ballot at:


Enter your information and select your party. You can make your selections and print the results and then bring your printout with you to the polls to use as a guide while voting.

For more information on the election contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 or email us at elections@vctx.org. You may also come by our office located at 2805 N. Navarro in Suite 500.