Victoria County Sample Ballot

February 17, 2014

Early Voting in Person begins on Tuesday, February 18th and many people have called asking for a sample ballot. You may go online to

and find a sample ballot for either the Democratic or Republican Primary Election. To access the online sample ballot you must be a registered voter in this election.

You may review the candidates on the sample ballot and the online version allows you to make selections and then print your sample ballot. You may then bring your sample ballot with you to the polls to use as a guide once you are in the voting booth. The site gives you the option of looking at either the Democratic or Republican primary ballot. You may look through, mark and print either or both but you may vote in only one primary election.

The primary election is the time when political parties select their candidate for the general election. The parties are very jealous of this right of selection and laws are enacted to protect the party's choices. Those who violate the laws can face criminal charges.

Every voter must make a decision about which party they wish to support during the primary and for party political activities. Once you make that decision during the primary season (primary, runoff, conventions, etc.), you must participate in only the party politics of your choice. After the primary election season is over you, as a voter, are free to cast your vote for any candidate in the general election.

During early voting in person and on Election Day every polling location will have posted, for your review, sample ballots. If you don't take advantage of the online sample ballot you may check out the sample ballot at the polling location when you go in to vote.

For more information about the voting process you may contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 or