2012 - What will you remember?

December 31, 2012

What a life-changing year 2012 was for me. In January mom, who lives in nearby Gonzales County, went into the nursing home for the third time in three years. In March my book, "Among Murderers and Madness," that I had been working on for years was published. I made an emotional trip back to Atlanta, Texas where the triple homicide I wrote about took place. In June I stood hand-in-hand with my new wife as we exchanged vows at sunset on the beach in Port Aransas. Five days later her youngest son became a father for the first time, and I became grandpa. In December mom was also placed under hospice care and each day is a gift as she struggles toward her 80th birthday.in January. I know that phone call will be coming sooner than later, but at least it looks like it won't be in 2012. This year is full enough of memories. What about you? What stands out to you in 2012? Something personal? Something in the news? We'd like to know. I will be at the Hardback Cafe until 10 a.m. Stop by and tell me about your year. See you soon.