Question of the day: How soon do you pay your property taxes?

January 30, 2013

I'll admit freely that the frightening prospect of property taxes is one reason I am content to rent. Not just property taxes of course, but owning property is one of those scary aspects of adulthood that I am not ready to venture into.

You are responsible for fixing things when they break, paying the taxes, the general upkeep, a fixed mortgage payment, etc. So I will continue to rent and let my landlord worry about property taxes, fixing my air conditioning unit and supplying me with a pool.

For those of you who do own property, however, those taxes are due Jan. 31 to avoid penalties. You can visit the website of the Victoria County Tax Assessor/Collector for information about making payments. For general information about property taxes in Texas, you can visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Here is what you said: Image

"I'm a renter. There is a lot that goes with owning, like paying taxes and fixing things when they break." - Kate Garcia, Victoria, works for the city


"We wait until the last minute." - Patrick McNeil, Victoria, engineer


"I probably wait until the last minute, but I should pay sooner." - Rhonda Templin, Nursery, peace officer


"My mortgage company pays them before Dec. 31 so I get to right it off on my taxes." - Robert Hansen, Austin, aquatic scientist