Keystone XL is facing off a farmer tomorrow

February 16, 2012

If you haven't been following the Keystone XL pipeline saga, the story is taking an interesting turn in regard to pipelines and the right of eminent domain.

On Friday morning, the company behind the pipeline behind the 1,700 mile pipeline that is planned to transport oil harvested from the tar pits of Canada to Texas refineries will be in court with a Texas farmer who does not want the pipeline running under her land.

The Keystone XL pipeline has environmentalists and Tea Party members on the same side for once because of concerns over the environment and the use of eminent domain by a private company to force landowners to sell, respectively.

The company filed for eminent domain and the farmer, Julia Crawford, filed a restraining order. The company has applied to have that order dissolved so the tow parties will meet in court tomorrow in Paris, Texas, to get issue decided.

It's an interesting case to keep an eye on as the Texas Supreme Court reconsiders one of their own rulings about eminent domain this week.

The Court traditionally leans toward oil interests when deciding cases of eminent domain, but last August they handed down a ruling that made it more difficult for pipeline companies to use eminent domain. The court is meeting this week to reconsider the decision, so that's something else worth watching.