Godzilla and more!

May 18, 2014

Well I started my weekend early with a sneak peak thursday night to see the highly anticipated Godzilla. ..well for me it was highly anticipated. I grew up with older brothers which should explain my love of movies like transformers, marvel, and Godzilla. I was a little bit worried about the story line since the other remake .. think Mathew Broderick circa 90's..was a disappointment. I was worried they would try to do the same story line..thankfully I was wrong. This movie was like taking the original Godzilla and adding computer graphics in color!!! It was a good old fahion monster beat down. The look on Godzilla face when he first emerges resembles that look someone gives you when you disturb their slumber. And then in the end....his roar should translate to "QUIET!!!" This movie was just everything I wanted to see. It was great that all generations were there to see It. I definitly think you should check this movie out! My friend and co worker Chrissy gives it a 10 as well, but mainly for actor reasons.

Also breaking this weekend was Neighbors. This movie kind of leans towards Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds. It does seem to have some funny pranks however it just seems more like a renter to me.

Coming up this week is the new X-Men. Now our theater here is doing a sneak peak thursday which sounds like a plan to me or I will definitly check it out during the weekend... not everyone goes to the beach for the holiday.

Coming attractions that I am interested in are Malicifant. I kinda like the new twists on the stories they do. Its not a die hard must see but it seems nice. Sorry to say I will not be watching A Million Ways to Die in the West. That has been demoted to renter if I bother at all.

Well before I go I got some people to mention. If you ever stop by our local theater be sure you know how to order..especially If Mr. Nike and Mr. Showplace take your order. If not you could end up with a pickle smothered in ice and butter. Its okay that crew just likes to have fun.

Now its time for some renters: the 90's version of Godzilla .. so you can see the difference and the Hangover...if you cant handle their humor you cant handle these new movies.

Alrighty everyone..thats it till my next movie. Enjoy the show!