June 27, 2014

Well of course I went to the sneak peak of Transformers 4 and I am so glad I did!!! I definitly enjoyed it and I sense another :) I dont want to go too much into detail because I dont want to ruin anyones experience; however this movie has it all. We have a new crew that we meet and we also have a new plot. The autobots have some sad moments and then they have some awesome moments. To quote "I laught, I cried".. even had some suspense. By far I vote that this is a good watch and you should give it a try. I just might check this movie out again :)

Coming up for the holiday weekend is Tammy. Like I said before I do want to see this but I am trying to prepare myself for the insane amount fowl language that is usually heard from McCarthy mouth.

Also opening is Earth to Echo. This too should be good however I haven't decided if I am going to catch it in the theater or grade it a renter. Edge of Tomorrow also starts but I think this may be a renter. I just dont think I can do this sci fi type movie in a theater because I hate being confused.

So moving forward I hope you all get a chance to check out the new Transformers! Glad I got to see all yall at the theater!! If yall ever want to take pics for me post just lemme know! It really was great!

Renter choices: The Sandlot and A League of Their Own..something patriotic.

Enjoy and c u at the movies!!!