Magnificent Maleficent

June 16, 2014

So I finally got to see Maleficent and I must say it was good. For me that is saying quite a bit since I am not a romantic theme fan, but I did like this one. It was fun because all thru the movie my friend Brooke and I kept saying ohhhh as each character was brought out. The movie does start right off the bat and moves along nicely. I just have to say this was a well rounded movie. I do recommend this, even for the family.

What to do, oh what to do...until Transformers starts next week!!! Well I am going to pass on 22 Jump Street. Sorry I cant do it...I am too much of a fan of the tv series to go see this remake. Sadly I missed Million Dollar Arm...that had potential. I will definitly catch that on DVD. Coming up early July is Tammy. Now I do want to catch this one although I am going to put myself on guard for the predictably large amunt of bombs that will explode from Melissa McCarthy's mouth. I shall pass on the Fault in Our Stars because well I am not a romantic-drama girl..unless my girl Alex wants to go cause I owe her one.

Well, that is it for my list for the next couple of weeks. As for renters I suggest watching the original 21 Jump Street series...all I am going to say about it is Johnny Depp. Now go!

Okay guys enjoy and c u at the movies!