Paranormal Phoey

January 17, 2014

Give it a chance, I said; maybe it will be better, I said... and I was wrong. Now granted this movie was funny, but given the story and what they could have done.. this movie bombed. It was just not that good. Scary movies is more than pop ups and wierd stuff happening. The story had so much potential and yet this movie just was not worth it. I don't even recommend this movie as a renter.

Moving on... I cannot wait for my weekend to start after work :D I am totally checking out Ride Along because it just seems like a hilarious movie.. and I need to laugh right now. I am also inching towards Jack Reacher.. looks promising. Yeah, I'm an action comedy kind of gal and I cannot wait to check out these most potential hopefulls. Cannot wait!!

Those of you staying in this weekend looking for something fun: Robocop - the original (yes there is a remake out), Shooter - yeah I have suggested before but thought I would throw it out again, and any of the Police Acadamy movies for a good laugh. Those were funny in the day :)

Kay, well ya'll be great and see ya'll at the movies !!