HoHum Hobbit ??

January 3, 2014

I know that sounds harsh, but I was just not impresed by this year's Hobbit tale. I hate to say it but it seems like they are just trying to finish and not focusing on the movie. Its kinda like when you are baking and you are so ready to finish and you see that you still have more to go so you make one giant cookie or one big muffin. Yeah, this movie was like that. Maybe this is a middle child syndrome movie. Or maybe it was just me. Anywho...sorry to say but I dont predict buying or renting this movie. However..I will give points to whoever saw the smiley face.

My weekend pick so far are the Marked Ones... I know not another PA movie, but I think this one might have some potential. I do hope I am not disappointed. Also coming up this month is the Secret Life of Smitty..that is a maybe; anddddd my big anticipated must see movie...Ride Along. I doubt this movie will be as good as my actual ride along :) but one can hope. I would also love to do another ride along with a visit to a shooting range :D that would sure make this girl smile!!! And who knows, I might just treat you to a movie :)

As for renters...well in case you had a bad new year's you can check out New Years Eve.. and to see a real Hobbit movie you can check out any of the Lord of the Rings series..now those were good. And how bout a flash back in white and nlack..The Shop Around the Corner and see if you can tell me what's the semi recent remake.

Well enjoy the day and c you at the movies!!