Showplace 3 Cinema

June 15, 2013

One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the movies. We always went to the local theatre, Showplace 3 Cinema in El Campo. In fact my first movie I saw there was the very first Batman as a child. Since then I was hooked. I loved going to the theatre; especially in the summer. In the summer we would enjoy the Summer Kid Shows which were cartoons that we got to see for $1. It was and is the best.

When you do go to this theatre you will get to enjoy the wall of previews. So many times I have wandered down this wall starring up and making mental notes of release dates...making future plans around those release dates.

The crew is fun too. It's funny when they know your order ... Because you are there that much! I know a lot of people who ask why don't you go to a big city theatre? Simply put, I would rather be with family. You don't just get along with the crew, you get along other movie goers. Especially at sneak peak midnight shows. They are the best! It's always fun at sneak peaks because everyone there is really into the movie. It's always neat how before the movie starts everyone is up talking, sharing, laughing; but the minute the lights dim it becomes so silent you can hear a pin drop. It's a great experience...and I wouldn't trade theatres for the world. My theatre is like a second home.

That's why, to me, Mr. Gary and his crew get props for keeping Showplace 3 going all these years. See yall at the movies!