Oh Mama!

February 5, 2013


Well, it's not the scariest, but it is a good way to start the year off as far as scary movies go. Mama has some creepiness to it I'll grant you that. You'll get your money's worth as far as entertainment goes. You can ask my sister, kids are scarey, lol. No seriously. There's just an added creepy factor when you use kids in scary movies. They do scary better than anyone. I mean look at the history. Exorcist, Polterguist, Legion (y'all may not know that one but I love Paul Betany), Possession, most vampire movies, OMG and Dawn of the Dead where the movie starts off with that little attacking the guy because she's a zombie (what a way to say good morning). Kids just add an awesome creepy factor to scary movies.

So yeah Mama is a good go see movie. I kind of thought it would be a renter, but no, turns out the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a renter. However, that's only if you absolutely, positively have no other use of your time. Really people? Let's just put the chainsaw away already.