The House at the End of the Steet

September 21, 2012

Well, it's Friday, and what's at the movies?


"The House at the End of the Street" opens tonight, and yes, yours truly will be there. Two scary movies in the one month? What am I thinking?

This movie looks to be very good. I predict I will definitely scream for my mama at least once. LOL! With Halloween approaching, there doesn't seem to be very many scary movies hitting the theaters. Resident Evil has been and redone enough already. Possession was a great deal of fun to watch. I for one would love to see the classic scary movies come back to the theater. Bring back the old black and whites. I would even like to see "Halloween" on the big screen. The original, not Rob Zombie's rendition.


Scary movies nowadays are just not as they used to be. Even the film quality, in my opinion, is not as good. There is just something about the films from the period of Michael Myers that just chill you to the bone. Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome! I could never see anyone else play that role as well as she did. When I watch a movie, I deem an actor's/actress' job well done when it didn't feel like the actor/actress was just doing a job. I want to se beyond the actor/actress and only see the character he/she is portraying from the start of the movie until the finish. In all actuality that is exactly what an actor/actress is supposed to do. Some good examples of this are, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Larry Crowne, The Avengers, Steel Magnolias, and anything with Meryl Streep in it. I love "Hamlet" with Mel Gibson and Glenn Close. I watch that movie, and I forget that I am watching Mel Gibson and Glenn Close. All I see are the characters. That is how it should be.

So, tonight it's "The House at the End of the Street". I am hoping that I am not disappointed. It looks to be full of suspense and grip-your-seat scary fun. Odds are I will try to run away in my seat again. Lol! Wish me luck!

What's the best scary movie you've seen? Which do you prefer, vintage or modern day scary movies? Let me know your opinion.