Story of a Life

July 2, 2014

So I know I have been gone for a while but I am still here. I also have a wonderful story, a story of a life. Before I go into details...lets start from the beginning.

I recently started a new job and I have met and become friends with some great people. One of them is a lovely lady named Melinda. Melinda is a kind gal who always has a smile on her face. She is very calm and ccollective but is in the zone when the call comes. In fact she was really calm when she answered our question about her vacation. When we asked what her plans were she calmy stated "I am donating my kidney."

Our mouths dropped as we were all shocked. She smiled and confessed that she decided to be a live organ doner for her childhood friend Jm Gonzalez. In fact for months she had been going thru the very long process of being a live kidney donor. Test and tests topped with paper work and more paper work. To her and the recipient it was woth it. And then finally the day came..our sweet Mel cut open to help her friend.

I asked Mel why her friend needed a kidney so much and she told me because the list was too long and she was a match. You see Jm is a diabetic. .since he was a child. As most of you know a good deal of diabetics loose their kidneys and some can use dialysis. However it became apparent that it would be more beneficial for Jm to have a kidney transplant. This added the new problem of finding a suitable donor. Enter Melinda. After finding out she was a match she began the whole process.

She kept us updated thru facebook and we watched as she made this journey. When I saw the post about returning to work I was ecstatic. Our Mel was coming home! It was funny because I was afraid to hug her becasue I didnt want to hurt her..she just laughed and said she was the same as before only better. I gave her a hug, with a tear in my eye and asked how her friend was. She said the transplant went well and he was already looking and feeling better. She stated she had no regrets and she was glad she could do It. She is even proud of her scar!

A scar that in more ways than one tells the story of a life.