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My birthday is the most important day for me. I truely celebrate the entire month with different, going to the movies, going out to eat, going to different towns and trying different things.. all fun in celebration of my birthday. The unique part about my birthday celebrations is yes, they must be diabetic friendly.

Since my mother was diagnosed as a diabetic in 1996ish our lives changed dramatically. In fact, at that time there was nothing..NOTHING.. in our area that dealt with diabetes. For one year my mother would drive back and forth to Victoria to attend a diabetes education class. She would bring home ooddles of information and yes she still has it today.

With her diagnosis our habits all changed. I have to admit that we were not a bunch of candy/juice/cake eaters to begin with, but we were on our birthdays. Our mother made birthdays the biggest part of the year..she said it was because that was the day God blessed her with each of us... so we celebrated. She would hand make cakes, cookies, juice and other treats..and we loved it. Again, like now, we are not big sweet eaters; but with the special ora of the day we divulged into the sweetness.

Once educated and aware of the dangers of the sweet treats my mother began to search for alternatives for celebrating our wonderful day. I recall frustration because she could not find anything local to use. Through her education class she found out who to contact and how to contact them. It took almost two years, but we finally started having what we needed available in our area. That year we had our first sugar free birthday party, not for us, but so that mom could be included in the festivities. She wanted to be apart of our day and she was not going to let diabetes stop her. If there is a will, there is a way.

Its that spitfire that I inherited from her. Diabetes is one hell of a disease, but diabetics should not be excluded from all festivities. There is nothing major about doing this.. its the minor details that help. For example: offer a fat free meal for the office luncheon, offer sugar free treats at a bake sale, consider sugar free candy in goodie bags for kids, or maybe offer unsweet tea as well as sweet tea. These are all just simple ideas. Like our sugar free valentines gifts..a simple idea that made people smile and feel apart of the festivities. Like my birthday.. I do enjoy some sweet treats every now and then; but I want my mother and sister to feel included. And truth be told.. it tastes the same.