Have we grown?

December 27, 2012

One of my biggest issues with diabetes is that we are kinda of in the stone age. Our testing practices seem basic and our treatments unparallel to other diseases; yet we carried on with hope. Lately we have seen some break through ideas that are still at an experiment level. For example the tatoo that does a glucose reading, the ink is supposed to change color. Then there is the reed type test strip. If any of you played in hs band you remember how clarinet or oboe or bassoon players had to suck on reeds-thinly cut pieces of wood that were used to make sound. Imagine a glucose test strip like a reed, you just place it in your mouth and you can get a reading. These are all a step forward in treating diabetes. These methods will help relieve our little fingers and palms.

So far my favorite is the test kit with the iPhone and iPad. This device plugs into your phone (its smaller then a mp3 player) and you place the strip in and poof, you have a reading. Now that its in your phone you can start keeping track and have it sent to your pcp! How awesome is that? Really, I think it is a great way to move forward. Do we still have to stab our fingers yes, but now its different. Before it was just a ritual, now its more of a way of us taking part and being able to monitor better. Plus it gives our pcp a better idea of how we really are doing...granted that may be a bad thing for those who embellished before.

We really are starting to move forward. Our next step..A CURE!

And yes, I am still trying to get to Washington.

And this iPhone device can be found at walgreens. Check out the site www.ibgstar.us