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  • ashleyramirezscott

    Making the Most of Being a SAHM

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    It doesn’t matter what career path you have chosen, the hardest job you could ever have is to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). It is demanding, it is time consuming, it is very VERY exhausting BUT it is ...

  • capthenry


    By capthenry in Port O'Connor Fishing News

    WHEN - he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said ...

  • stugglestyle6

    Watch Lone Survivor Online Free In hd

    By stugglestyle6 in AS

    Lone Survivor putlocker. Lone Survivor Viooz. Lone Survivor megashare. Watch Lone Survivor Online. Watch Lone Survivor Online Free. Watch Lone Survivor MOvie Online. Watch Lone Survivor Movie Online Free. Watch Lone Survivor. Watch Lone Survivor Online on putlocker, viooz, megashare. ...

  • Mike

    I Understand Right -Wing and Speak It Fluently.

    By Mike in Politcs Plus

    Last week, a poster commented that liberals don’t understand. I can’t speak for all liberals, but I was born and raised in Victoria County over 68 years ago so I understand the language. I know when a right winger calls ...

  • capthenry

    President Obama Wants To Further Punish US Corporations

    By capthenry in Port O'Connor Fishing News

    President Obama Wants To Further Punish US Corporations by DocVega In a speech given in California July 24th on Thursday, the President once again revealed his socialist agenda in proclaiming that he will push for the passage of a bill ...

  • ashleyramirezscott

    One on One Time

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    With three kids in tow I sometimes feel like individual time with my older two falls between the cracks. It breaks my heart that so much of my time is spent pumping breast milk, folding loads of clothes and doing ...

  • GeorgeMatthews

    Searching for election people

    By GeorgeMatthews in Victoria County Election Administrator

    It may seem like a long time to election day in November but now is the time we could use help in finding responsible voters who are willing to serve as election officials for Victoria County. If you are interested ...

  • ElisaGarcia

    up next

    By ElisaGarcia in The Garcia Girls Go To The Movies

    Let me start off with a two thumbs up for for its hilarity and two for McCarthys ability to tone it down. This movie was funny and quite enjoyable. I have to admit I did not predict the litte ...

  • ashleyramirezscott

    Baby Food Prep, #fail

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    Being the well prepared and uber-googler, I was ready to take on baby food. My baby, however, wasn’t quite as excited or as interested as I was. I researched baby food processors, read a whole bunch of reviews and searched ...

  • ashleyramirezscott

    Separation Anxiety

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    The first night my brand new baby was home she slept all night in my arms. From then on she slept in this adorable cozy cradle that my parents purchased for her. Like clock work for the last 5 months ...

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