Paying too much for prescription drugs?

January 8, 2013

A good friend of mine wrote about a research study that showed some doctors are likely to give patients brand-name drugs. The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association also stated if doctors had a relationship with brand-name drug companies, they are likely to give a patient that particular drug. The lead author of the study, however, did say that not all doctors are doing this.

That really got this reporter thinking and a bit worried. So because a doctor may have a relationship with a brand-drug company makes it all right to give someone that drug? That raises lots of red flags. One, because patients should have options and not be forced to get a particular drug, unless that drug may be the only one available. Two, brand name drugs are expensive. Why buy a prescription drug when you can get a similar one that is a generic and not hitting your pocket as hard?

There could be a bunch of reasons why which this reporter would love to find out. This study also reminded me of a story published by the good folks over at Propublica titled "Dollars for Docs" where they tracked doctors that had relationships with a drug company.

Definitely recommend readers to use that link, and if you see your doctor has a relationship with a drug company and has been compensated, please email me.