For my soul mate!

June 7, 2014


Soul mate

The meaning of your Soul and Self best understood through a friend. The person ideally suited for you is somewhere in your life and I’m not just talking about everyone. It’s the way you feel. There's this world of difference between your friends, co-workers, and family. Those people care for you but they really don’t understand you. One of the most interesting things about a soul mate is sometimes they're the people we resist the most. You'd think we'd run to them with open arms, but often we run from them because they know so-much about us. So, how do you know you’re in the presence of your soul mate?

• You tell each other things you don’t tell anyone else and trust each other with that information

• You both want no conflict, agree to disagree, and completely enjoy the others point of view even when it doesn’t align with yours

• You let each other see your weaknesses and become vulnerable

• You feel understood

• You laugh out loud for hours and appreciate hearing the same story over and over

• You think about each other no matter the distance set between you and find a moment to communicate

It's this tenacious, profound, and lingering emotion that drives you both together. No words can express it. No words can describe it. But, if you’ve met your soul mate you know…

There can be many different soul mates in your lifetime; they come to serve a purpose. It could be through your growth and experiences you need someone to understand and so your soul mate finds their way to you. But before you can go this far or even be brave enough to notice them, you must first love yourself. When you have love

times a million

for yourself, this transformation takes place between you and another person, one who loves themselves and are ready for depth- Its called a connection.

Authors note: The following picture was taken on June 7, 2014 @ 3:00 am. May we always stay connected: “for you, hold the key to my heart and unlock my soul”- StacyK

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