Cats Need Help, Too

January 27, 2013

An Advocate reporter is out among the public every day. We "range" at various restaurants, and other places in Victoria and into the counties around Victoria asking the question of the day, talking to people about story ideas, hearing complaints and compliments. Friday proved to be one of those days when someone had a little more to say than "no" when I asked about responding to the question of the day. She told me about a nonprofit group in town that is doing good work but needs help.Victoria TNR -- trap, neuter, return -- is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless cats through spaying and neutering and to improve their health and living conditions. Members of the group actually catch the cats, get them medical attention they need, clip an ear for identification purposes, then release them back into their colonies. The ultimate result -- no more kittens -- the population stabilizes and the returned neutered cats lives are improved. Since 2011, the group has spayed and neutered nearly 1,500 cats. They could use your help, either through volunteerism or donations. Sometimes the volunteer opportunity is a simple as being a driver. Contact the group at 361-550-5465, visit its page on Facebook or its web site.