Review: Wolf Creek 2 (2014) what made the first film so good is missing here

May 22, 2014


WOLF CREEK 2 (2014) John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Philippe Klaus, Shannon Ashlyn, Shane Connor, Gerard Kennedy, Annie Byron. Directed by Greg Mclean

The opening sequence in Wolf Creek 2 hints at what made the original film so good. 2 police officers are parked behind a billboard shooting radar in the middle of the desolate Australian Outback when our villain, the iconic pig hunting serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), comes driving down the rode is his old, rattling, light blue pickup truck. The bored cops decide to pull him over, even though he was clearly going under the speed limit, and they start to ridicule and taunt him (of course they don't know who they're messing with). The scene is very tense as you anticipate Mick going off and slaughtering these two inept cops, however he keeps his cool and the officers write him a citation to which he replies in an intimidating tone "are you sure you wanna give me this?" The officers laugh and in a Rambo-like scene tell Mick never to show his face around there again and drive off, well you can pretty much guess what happens to them next.

Director Greg Mclean let the tensity build up in that scene, a trademark of the first film released nine years ago, unfortunately the rest of the movie abandons tension in exchange for mindless blood and guts. Now I'm a fan of George Romero's zombie films so I can do gore but in Wolf Creek 2 what's meant to shocking plays more like farce than horror. One minute Mick's gutting a victim like a pig while Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" is blaring on the radio, the next he's The Road Warrior chasing them down in an Semi while "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" plays in the background, or he's running over a mob of kangaroos as they cross the road, and in another scene he's riding on horseback chasing victims down reminiscent of Planet Of The Apes.

The movie is not frightening and not very funny either so it just comes off as being disgusting. It's also revealed in this film that Mick is as a xenophobe which takes the mystery out of the killings. I like actor John Jarratt, he's like an evil Crocodile Dundee and if this film was given the Hostel treatment it could have been an effective thriller instead of an over the top, second rate film.

( 1 1/2 stars)