Review: SUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON (2014) Mike Meyers directorial debut about the most famous person in entertainment that you've never heard of

June 12, 2014


Review SUPERMENSCH; THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON (2014) Shep Gordon, Alice Cooper, Michael Douglas, Anne Murray, Sylvester Stallone, Willie Nelson, Emeril Lagasse, Tom Arnold. Directed by Mike Meyers

“Shep Gordon is the nicest person I’ve ever met, hands down” - Mike Meyers.

Mike Meyers first met Shep Gordon when he was filming 'Wayne's World" in 1992. Gordon, at the time, was managing Alice Cooper and Meyers wanted Cooper to perform one of his big hits, "Schools Out," in the movie, but Gordon was insistent that Meyers let Cooper perform a song, "Feed My Frankenstein" from his new album instead, and, if you've seen Waynes World, then you know who won the argument.

Shep Gordon is probably the most famous person in the entertainment industry that no one outside of a celebrity has ever heard of. He has managed everyone from Alice Cooper to Blondie, Pink Floyd, Groucho Marx, Teddy Pendegrass, Raquel Welch, and Luther Vandross. He invented the celebrity chef and helped launch the career of Emeril Lagasse and the Food Network, produced films by Robert Altman, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven, he even dated Sharon Stone and married a Playboy model (although the marriage was annulled shortly thereafter).

The stories in the film are so incredible that you begin to wonder if they're legit but you have celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Michael Douglas, Anne Murray, Tom Arnold, and Alice Cooper vouching for Gordon and sharing some of their own anecdotes.

One of my favorite recollections involves Gordon moving to Los Angeles straight out of college and selling weed out of his Landmark motel room. He heard a woman screaming down by the pool, saw a guy on top of her, and rushed down to help by pulling the guy off. The woman reciprocated by punching Gordon in the face, it turns out the couple where just getting amorous. The next day at the pool the woman apologized and she turned out to be Janis Joplin, the man on top of her was Jimi Hendrix. They all went up to Gordon's room to get high and Hendrix mentions that Gordon should manage rock bands because he's Jewish so he invites Alice Cooper over. When Cooper walks in, he finds the room is one big cloud of marijuana smoke and there on the couch getting high is Shep Gordon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison. Right there on the spot Cooper decides to let Gordon be his manager and the two have remained life long friends.

There are even more stories about cooking food for the Dalai Lama, smoking weed with Willie Nelson, and sharing joint custody of his dog with next door neighbor Cary Grant, yet with all the celebrity friends and amazing stories we now find Gordon semi-retired and living alone in his big Maui home missing the one thing that's he's always wanted, a family.

The film marks the directorial debut of Mike Meyers and serves as a "thank you" to Shep Gordon who let Meyers stay at his Maui home for two months when he was going through a rough patch early on in his career. Meyers reportedly wanted to make the film six years ago but it wasn't until recently, after Gordon had a near death experience, that he gave Meyers the green light. It's definitely a one-sided story and probably not 100% kosher, but it sure is entertaining.

(3 stars)

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