College Blues

January 28, 2013

Dear Alice: My best friend just told me that she just won a full ride from a university. We have been planning for months to go together to a university we both love and we were even planning to room together. I’m committed to the first university and I’ve already paid and everything. It upsets me that we’ve been making so many plans and now everything is gone. What if I don’t like my new roommate? I’m terrified of going up to college alone. I want my friend to be happy because she deserves the scholarship and the school she’s looking at now has the exact program she needs for her degree plan. I feel glad that she’s doing so great but I’m afraid of being by myself and a little scared that she might forget about me because we aren’t going to the same school. -Sad College Day

Dear Sad College Day: It can be really hard when two best friends have to go to different colleges. I know it’s disappointing that you’ve made all these plans and now it seems like it’s all gone. I promise it will be okay though. Your friend is doing what she needs to do for her future, and a few years not going to the same school won’t change your friendship. In 8th grade my best friend went to a totally different school than I did and I was so scared that I wouldn’t have any friends. But I did just fine, and when my best friend and I went to the same high school it was like we had never been apart. You will be okay to go the university you want to go to by yourself. You will make a few new friends and you can still Skype, text, and email your old one. And when you meet up every once in a while it will be like you never were apart at all.-Lots of Love, Alice