Roommate Anxiety

November 21, 2012

Dear Alice: I am so nervous to meet my roommate next year. I’m a naturally shy person and meeting new people really freaks me out and I get super anxious and quiet. What if she’s bad? Or mean? I’m worried too that she might want to be best friends and I already have a best friend that’s even going to the same college. I just don’t know what to do. -Roommate Jitters

Dear Roommate Jitters:Has your college assigned you a roommate yet? If they have, go ahead and try to get in contact with her. The more you get to know her ahead of time, the less stressful it will be when you actually meet her. If your college hasn’t told you about your roommate yet, don’t worry. They will tell you in plenty of time to get to know her. It seems scary, but I promise your roommate won’t be mean or anything like that. She is probably just as nervous about meeting you as you are meeting her. And you don’t have to be best friends with her if you don’t want to be. One time I went to a summer camp and had a roommate, but we were only friends. We never got close or anything and that was perfectly fine. It is okay to not hang out with her all the time. Don’t be nervous! Your college experience doesn’t depend on your roommate. If you don’t get along at all the dorm manager can always change the rooming assignment. -Lots of Love, Alice