More Than Just Football

November 24, 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure of covering a Refugio game for the first time this season. It was strange for me because I think I stalked the team around the state every Friday for a month last year. Lots of new faces, names and game strategies this year which took a little adjusting to but kept things interesting. The absolute best part however, was that it was during the day! With DAYLIGHT! This is a dream for a photographer who is used to shooting under dark stadium lights every week. 
The daylight was so nice yesterday that I ended up getting to shoot the entire game and not just a half and came out with quite a collection of photos. You can find a link to the whole gallery at the bottom of this post if you feel so inclined (which i hope you do!).

For this blog I thought that I would share some of the sideline action that I love so much from the game against Rogers in Columbus.

This girl sang the national anthem from the press box and she was so good. One of the best high school performances I've seen in a while. Image

The band performed (and did some light dancing to) Party Rock Anthem at half time. Image

Speaking of dancing, before the players took the field again there was a little band/cheerleader dance party in front of the tunnel. They looked like they were having a blast. Image

Head coach Jason Herring celebrated the touchdowns loudly in the second half. He is probably the most animated coach in the area.


I thought that this was the perfect photo to end on. The love of football starts early in Bobcat Country and I know that the little kids at the games look up to those players so much.


Somewhere between these images boys played football and Refugio defeated Rogers 76-35 to advance to the next round of the playoffs next week. But if you want to see those photos you'll have to go to

Thanks for looking.