An attitude of gratitude

March 16, 2014


Mama always said I lived a charmed life--things just had a way of working out in my favor. In the case of my position as a graphic artist at the Victoria Advocate for six and a half years, I wasn't just lucky, I was blessed. I worked side-by-side with my best friend and husband Robert for a family owned newspaper filled with some very sweet, talented and funny people.

During our time here in Victoria I was able to care for both of my parents before they died. I was allowed to work remotely for the Advocate from my parents house in Jasper, Texas for a while. Mom lost her battle with lung cancer in April 2010 and my Dad died here in Victoria of renal failure and Alzheimer's in March, 2011. In both cases, the good people at the Advocate worked with me so I could be with Mama and Daddy when they needed me most. I am forever grateful for all the support I was given by the owners, the editor and the staff of the Advocate.

While working for the Advocate Robert and I bought our first house. At work I got to do fun projects, I learned so many new skills, I grew as an artist at this newspaper. I made friends who I will miss very much.

Through the years, every now and then, I have emailed Editor, Chris Cobler to thank him for my job and to tell him I was having such a great time. Gratitude, In my opinion, is the secret to bringing all good things your way.

Now as Robert and I pack up and prepare for our next big adventure in Austin I am filled with gratitude to Chris Cobler for taking a chance on hiring me, an unproven freelancer, and to the Advocate family who supported me and Robert.

Thank you for my job Chris.