The writer is a combat Veteran of the United States Air Force, having served and fought both on the ground and in the air throughout Southwest Asia and East Africa.
He is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran and is actively involved in Veteran's Issues and advocacy. The blogger has published a book of critically acclaimed poetry regarding experiences as a Veteran of modern warfare, as well as struggles stemming from that status in a civilian world that can not understand or relate to that experience. He recently completed training qualifying him as a peer to peer facilitator with a local, State-funded agency to work with those suffering from combat sourced PTSD and other trauma issues.
The writer is a realistic, Progressive minded individual, believing in the individual strength, wisdom, and power we each have within us, limited legal and law enforcement intrusion into private lives, and smart, non-reactionary, Liberal foundations for public policy. Much of his blog writing focuses on the frustrations, challenges and opportunity encountered by free thinkers and Progressives in his small-town surroundings.
He maintains an active interest in aviation and the environment and currently resides in a small town in Texas.


Cuero, TX



Aviation, Progressive Politics, Veterans Advocacy, reading, writing, Gardening/Herbs


Texas Singer Songwriter, Folk, Jazz


anything by Tom Robbins


"Das Boot", "Kite Runner", "MASH", "The Matrix", "Casablanca"

TV shows

The blogger hasn't owned a TV in over a decade and LOVES it that way.