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Father of Four

Photo by: Katherine Vargas

Thomas Vargas 32 years old father of four precious little boys! I'm his wife of 10years and he's a very special dad to these four little boys TJ 9, Trey 3, Ty & Trent 1 because he's one of a kind man this picture was taking the last baseball game of the season he coached our oldest TJ! All my boys love baseball! Thomas plans on coaching all four of them. He's been coaching our oldest since he was three years old and now coaching our second son Trey! He's loves the quality time with them and is showing the twins the same! He works all day and then comes home and practices & coaches them! He is showing our sons what a great husband, father & dad you should be! He is my sons hero! They look up to him and always want him around! #1 dad!

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