b><font size="3">Day 21: T.J. Vargas, 8, Victoria</font></b><br> <b>For Christmas, I'm giving my Mom and/or Dad:</b> <br> A family picture of us, because I love to draw & paint! I'm going to be nice to my brothers & listen to my parents.<br> <b>What kind of cookies or other treats do you leave for Santa?</b> <br> We bake Christmas cookies & the gingerbread house with a glass of milk.<br> <b>What is your favorite Christmas tradition?</b> <br> Spending time with my family, I have both my parents parents alive & great grandparents so we go to 3 different houses each year to celebrate the Christmas holiday. I get to see all of my cousins aunts uncles grandparents that live here in Victoria and out of town! We get to dance, play, talk about all kinds of stuff! Waking up Christmas morning with just my mom & dad & brothers to open presents! Is what we do every year.<br> <b>Parents:</b><br> Thomas and Katherine