VISD bus driver resigns after abuse allegation

A first-year Victoria school district bus driver resigned Thursday after a videotape showed he inappropriately handled a 9-year-old student on his route.

Michael Robinson, who attends Shields Elementary School, said he was making popping noises with his hands and mouth while on his way home on the school bus Wednesday afternoon.

When the bus driver - whose name was not released - told him to stop, Michael did, he said, but then, he continued to make the noise.

That's when the driver stopped the bus, got out of his seat and placed Michael's left arm behind his back and picked him up, throwing him into a seat closer to the front of the bus.

"It made me feel very scared," said the fourth-grader, whose shoulder is sore and is in the process of being examined. "I was shocked he did that."

Michael told his mom, Michelle Robinson, after he arrived home Wednesday.

"I asked him, 'Are you exaggerating?' but he wasn't," his mother said. "It hurts me to know that this happened to him."

Robinson contacted the school district Thursday morning, said school district spokeswoman Diane Boyett.

School officials began an investigation. Students who were on the bus were interviewed, and the videotape was reviewed, Boyett said.

"It did show the bus driver had an inappropriate contact with the student," Boyett said.

Coming forward soon after an incident always helps the school district act promptly, Boyett said.

"I am tremendously appreciative for how VISD responded to this," Robinson said. "My son will be affected. He will be scared of people he's supposed to trust. These are supposed to be role models."