Lines of 50 flags greet motorists in 3 Lavaca County cities

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The Vietnam Veterans Association No. 854 in Hallettsville is open to any Vietnam era veterans. It also has an associate's group for women. Don Williams, of Hallettsville, is the chapter president. For more information, call 361-772-6205.

YOAKUM - U.S. flags whipped in the morning breeze Friday as motorists passed by en route to their daily appointments.

The 50 flags lined the curve in state Highway 111 leading into Yoakum to remind motorists of the Memorial Day weekend and to honor the people who have served their country.

This is not the only place motorists will see lines of flags along the highway.

For the second year, the Vietnam Veterans Association No. 854 in Hallettsville has placed 600 U.S. flags - in 50-flag increments - along the four entryways to Yoakum, Hallettsville and Shiner.

A group of association members started putting out the flags Thursday morning, said Elroy Sternadel, an association member of Yoakum. The flags will stay up about a week.

"It makes me feel good putting out the flags. We get a lot of compliments. People drive by and blow their horn. It gives me a good feeling," he said.

The program, funded through donations, began first in Hallettsville then expanded to Shiner and last year to Yoakum, Sternadel said.

The flags are also set up for Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

The veterans perform the project themselves, from making the flag holders from pipe to putting the flags on the poles and measuring the 40 feet between each flag.