Class of 1972 has Nazareth Academy reunion

On April 12, the Nazareth Academy Senior Class of 1972 had its 42-year class reunion.

The all-day event included a lunch at PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar with fun activities such as working on bios while sitting outside beside the river and then going indoors for lunch.

The class then went to Nazareth Academy school and took a picture in front of the school with the class sign, which had the class motto, "Greater than us there are a few, senior class of '72."

The class went into the halls of Nazareth and sang the alma mater, "Sacred halls of Nazareth," which brought smiles, chills and some tears to eyes as the class sang.

The class had a meaningful visit at The Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Mother House. The class took cookies and thank you cards for the sisters, many of whom taught us. It was a fun and very meaningful experience.

Mary Taylor Scherz organized the reunion with some help from Jane Sutherland Rohan and Mary Post.