Flag Day celebration gathers community pride (video)

Flag Facts

The president and the state governor are the only people who can order flags on government buildings to be flown at half staff.

Flags that are no longer serviceable or repairable should be destroyed in a dignified manor such as ceremonial burning.

Flags that touch the ground do not have to be destroyed, but they should be cleaned.

Anyone can have a flag draped across their casket.

Source: usa-flag-site.org

"Earth Angel" by The Penguins buzzed through the speakers, hot dogs roasted on the barbecue, and red, white and blue balloons danced in the wind.

Members of the community joined the Victoria County Republican Party for a Flag Day picnic Friday at Fossati Park.

Jane Bejnall, of Victoria, brought her three grandchildren to the picnic to teach them about pride for their country.

"I think we need that very much," Bejnall said. "I want them to have that instilled in them."

The event was just a good, old taste of classic Americana, said Republican County Chairman Michael Cloud.

"This is what makes our nation great," he said. "The people - that's what we can't lose. That's what we need to reclaim."

Children of all ages played volleyball and tetherball, bobbed for apples and jumped in a bounce house.

Along with free hot dogs and drinks, homemade ice cream and cookies were served.

Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O'Connor and Mayor Paul Polasek stopped at the event to honor Old Glory.

"We cannot allow this to disappear," said O'Connor. "What better way to represent 'we the people.'"

Christy Jeson came with her husband, Aaron, and two children, A.J., 3, and Ella, 4, to sing the national anthem.

Aaron Jeson said they stayed to show their children what community means.

"The flag means everything," he said. "It means freedom, and it represents what our country is all about."