Men's choir uplifts Twin Pines nursing center residents

While some readied for bed, others filtered into the chapel and took their places in the pews.

Those in the audience spoke quietly among themselves until the first song from the Palestine Baptist Church men's choir resonated through the air in one harmonious chorus.

This was no ordinary Monday night at Twin Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Victoria.

The men's choir, led by Fred Williams, of Victoria, has been together for almost 19 years, and its members volunteer their time to sing the first Monday of each month at the center.

"We have love for them," Williams said about the Twin Pines community. "They need to hear positive things."

Carlos Buckner, of Victoria, has been with the men's group for about eight years and was in attendance Monday evening to sing.

"I've always been a man of music," Buckner said. "It reaches the soul."

Judging from the response of the 25 Twin Pines residents, the group's performance contained plenty of soul.

As the final song came to an end, resident Ethel Hawkins closed her eyes and continued to sway to the rhythm in her wheelchair.

"Amen," she whispered as she drifted in and out of sleep.