Layer clothing for winter


• Address: 222 N. Esplanade St., Cuero

• Phone: 361-275-5800

• Hours: 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday -Saturday

Winters in South Texas can run on the mild side. It's not often that we get snow in this region, so layering different pieces of clothing is always favorable.

Cecilia Hedrick, owner of Be., in Cuero, has a knack for fashion and shared this season's fashion tips with Golden Crescent Magazine.

"The big thing right now is color," she said. "Layering different colors is in, too. It doesn't get cold enough here for big coats. "

Hedrick grew up in fashion watching her mom, Pat Holland, who owned a fashion boutique and designed her own fashion line. Following in her mom's footsteps, Hedrick, along with her three sisters, opened her own fashion boutique April 19. Be. is home to her sisters' clothing lines and exclusive linen wear and bedding.

"I wanted it to be simple," Hedrick explained of the store's name. "Be who you are and who you want to be."

The store is home to various looks, including casual, everyday wear to classic looks with lace and velvet in junior sizes to misses.

"Our clothes are simple and easy to wear, and they last a long time."