Should cheerleaders display religious banners at games?

Kountze High School cheerleaders made national news when they sued their school district for preventing the squad's display of faith-based, run-through banners at football games.

Kountze Superintendent Kevin Weldon disallowed the banners shortly after receiving a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation threatening legal action against the school if the Scripture-embellished banners continued.

Two weeks ago, Hardin County District Judge Steve Thomas awarded the cheerleaders a temporary injunction in favor of the squad, ordering the school district to allow the signs. A trial date is scheduled for June 24.

In Texas and other states, religion and athletics have long co-habitated and intertwined.

But where do the lines of separation exist between church and government at school-sponsored athletic games?

Should students be allowed to display religious-inspired signs at public school athletic functions?

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